Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Best Part

I really only like the first 3 weeks of American Idol. When people try out, and most of them are whack jobs. But yes, there will always be good singer highlights (i.e. the blind dude, the guy with the really dangerous job, the girl named "Lil' Rounds"), but we obviously tune in for the car crashes. But I think I want to add a new reason to watch the try-out weeks on American Idol: the jokes my girlfriend can say during the episode that I think are insanely funny. 

When this guy came on screen:

She said, "That looks like the Indian Ray Ramano. It's like 'Everybody Loves Kumar.'" 

Hey, I thought it was funny. And now I can tell you to check out for another sneak at a limited edition new hoodie dropping at relaunch.


gigglegirl2794 said...

wait, no, thats hilarious! haha

i was a big fan of the kid who passed out from too much perspiration or whatever. who sand the carrie underwood song, but not that you could tell what the hell he was saying

Tamia said...

That whole show makes me sad, and yet somehow I always end up watch it till the finale. It's like crack.