Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shoutout to Lafayette Elementary in Holly Grove

You might think my favorite part of Lil' Wayne's new interview in GQ is when he calls Pete,
"Pete Weiss" at first (isn't Pete Weiss my accountant's name?), or the fact that Terry
Richardson, my favorite photographer took the shots. You might even assume my favorite
part is when he says his favorite book is a dictionary or that he doesn't remember the full
name of the director who he just did a film with (so don't feel bad, Pete Weiss). Some might
also think my favorite excerpt is when he says he can't watch movies with Dakota Fanning
in them because she's creepy or when he's shocked he liked "Butterfly Effect" because
Ashton is "usually an asshole." Hell, some might even predict that my favorite part is him
explaining he gave Michael Phelps an entire iPod of unreleased Lil' Wayne music (even one
song made especially for Phelps) or that he references Bruce Springsteen pulling
Courtney Cox on stage for the "Dancing in the Dark" video. Well, truth is, everyone would
be correct.

See more of the pictures and read the incredible interview by CLICKING HERE.


Kerry said...

That may be one part amazing, one part frightening, and one part just wtf. Never change, Lil Wayne.

gigglegirl2794 said...

ugh i dont like dakota fanning