Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Best Friend

Dear God,

How did Disney get into my head and create the movie of my dreams? 

Dear DJ Dan Suh,

Do they make weed strong enough for this to seem normal?

Dear Pete,

You can't even get Hemy a line read for this stuff? New agent needed.

Dear the stars of Space Buddies,

Do you guys all wanna hang out? Mini Golf? Smiling, laughing, hanging. I love you guys. Alot.


dj dan suh aka koreantomcruise said...

did that golden retriever puppy just say "for shizzle dog"? man, the white people at disney really took that phrase and decided to keep it for themselves...

Jemima said...

that looks amazing. i need to adopt a younger sibling or something so i can go and see it.