Friday, January 30, 2009


Listen, I'm kinda beefy over an art show that opens this weekend, but I still think everyone should see it - and I don't want to take any credit away from the amazing artists and Justin from Shooting Gallery and Kris Lewis (who seems to have been the curators) for putting together what seems like an incredible exhibit. Just sour over doing an art show and not involving G1988 (my other job), considering I've been friends with the guy since youth and actually did him a crazy favor a few years back. Whatever, now I can make fun of his solo album and not feel bad.

Onto less bitter information, these artists were each commissioned to create portraits of Grammy-nominated artists for an exhibit this weekend at the Pacific Electric Lofts in LA. here are some really awe-inspiring examples...

Nas by Henry Lewis

Jay-Z by Greg Gossel

Madonna by Lori Early

M.I.A. by Colin Christian

Rich Rubin by Paul Chatem (boooo!) by David Stoupakis

Angus Young by Shawn Barber

Trent Reznor by Travis Louie

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Anonymous said...

the M.I.A. one is great, but madonna looks like the mona lisa and that creeps me out (madonna creeps me out, period.)

haha, boo