Monday, January 5, 2009

prince: my hero

i've always been overly fascinated by artists that are prolific but borderline crazy (eg. r. kelly, morrissey) but no one can really trump prince. most people have heard the pickup basketball game at paisley park story from chappelle's show but kevin smith probably wins for most thorough, crazybrains prince story told on record.

anyhow, prince recently shut down his fan club site and had attempted to have all prince-related youtube content removed from existence. then comes word today that his NEW site will be going online this month along with streaming versions of some of his best new work in years. what is going on with this guy?


x_kiwibird said...

I just jizzed. in. my. pants.
I've been obsessed with Prince since I was like 12. Dude is totally nuts, but damn, with music like this, he deserves to be totally nuts.

Tamia said...

I have this Kevin Smith dvd and that store had always blown my mind. Just flippin bonkers.