Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slow and Low

Outside of running Clandestine Industries and it's ever so imminent relaunch, I also co-own Gallery 1988 (, and more specifically am the Gallery Director for the the Los Angeles location, where we recently held Pete and Travis's exhibit, "Without You I'm Just Me," so don't act like you don't know. Last Thursday night, we opened an art show that I'm uber proud of called, "Under The Influence: The Official Art Tribute To Beastie Boys," where, with the blessing of the actual band, 100 pieces of art were created solely influenced by the Boys' songs, lyrics, videos and style. This is our second exhibition in the "Under The Influence" series, as last year artists paid tribute to comic book legend Stan Lee in their very own styles. Well, this year's opening reception honoring the Brooklyn pioneers, Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA, was an enormous smash hit, with a line around the block and selling tons of original and inspiring art pieces. With a portion of the proceeds benefiting The Gramercy Housing Project, a charity chosen by the band, I wanted to share some of the pieces with you guys. So here we go with some choice pieces I've selected.

Casey Weldon (giving the Biz some love outside of Yo! Gabba Gabba)

Jeff Ramirez 

Alex Pardee (you know him from The Used)

Ellen Schinderman (Needlepoint, bitches) 

Martin Hsu 

Jason D'Aquino (purchased by PW) 

Jonathan Bergeron 

Jen Rarey

Dan Goodsell (of Mr. Toast fame) 

Shepard Fairey (of TIME Magazine fame. I bought this one)

For those in LA, the show will be up until January 29th, but if you want you can check the mic, or the entire show of like 80 more pieces, by CLICKING HERE.



drcox-md said...

I love Martin's, but I'm sure they are all way out of my range. Pretty awesome though.

Shake your rump!

Rachel said...

alex pardee!
i also liked the one by jason d'aquino.