Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Like Us

As a huge fan of logos and corporate identities, I was STOKED to see a website focusing on the recent Americanization (smile everyone! we taking over, but we brought coffee) of Dubai and how the country is implementing American corporations into their Arabic world. When it comes to logos or signage, translating the global brand in Arabic poses a dozen or so design issues, which includes the idea of the language reading backwards to us (and basically on a global level). I'm uber-interested in the teams that decided how to keep the global brand intact, the aesthetics pleasing and also be respectful, and legible, to the Arabic world. I'm totally ignoring most of the commentary that can be made about America's reach or our all-out Global attack, and have decided to just sort of marvel at how pretty the Arabic letters can look in these recognizable logos (it helps me sleep at night). 

CLICK HERE to see examples of stores like Dean & Deluca, Foot Locker, Louis Vuitton and Subway. Pretty awesome to me, but I'm also a HUGE nerd for shit like this (and most things). 

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