Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brandi Milne and the Wet Seal Process

So when Pete and the Powers That Be asked me to become the brand & design manager at the relaunched Clandestine a few months back, one of the few artists I knew we had to work with was Orange County, CA native Brandi Milne. She's a regular at my other job (yes, I'm sort of Jamaican and also totally into stereotype-based humor), showing numerous times at Gallery 1988: LA and SF, as well as a graphic design veteran, making shirts for Hurley, product for Gelaskins and her own children's book, "So Good For Little Bunnies," which was released in 2008 through a publisher called Baby Tattoo. She's one of my favorite people in the universe and I knew she was a great fit for Pete and my vision for the new Clan, so we turned to her for the first actual Clandestine project I would spearhead, our recent collaboration with Wet Seal. Before we get into the shirt (and from now on I'd love to have a feature on the blog, where you see a garment from idea to completion documented. I'll keep all the sketches and such from now on), let's show you some of Brandi Milne's fine art, which is beautiful.

We were approached by Wet Seal to create a co-branded piece, and Pete and I had brainstormed the idea of the shirt not only being "cute," but basically bleeding cuteness out of every orifice. So cute that it made your teeth sting. So I went to Brandi, who had some amazing ideas and sketches almost immediately. Pete and I decided we'd go with a t-shirt, since it just felt right, and we wanted it to be a shirt with a loud, bright character smiling right at you on the front. We loved an idea Brandi had to go with joyful popsicles, so here's what it turned into in the end:

So that was the first piece you could pick up that has my total stank on it, and Brandi Milne did an incredible job. And you still CAN buy it from Wet Seal by clicking here. And Brandi has the "Bomby McGee" shirt coming out in the February relaunch, which we (and the NY Times) has shown off, as well as a few other top secrets in the mix with PW and gang - so stay up like 88 Keys. You can see more of Brandi's work by clicking here


nothinggold said...

Dope 88-Keys reference. That record sounds so good coming out of my car speakers.

I'm interested in seeing a full on shot of the Bomb-pop shirt thing. Definitely like her art.

I went with a friend on 12/16 to a Wet Seal cause she wanted to get that shirt. It was nowhere to be found. Sad day. Thanks for the online store link for it. Hopefully she'll be able to get it this time around.

orangesoda-love said...

so it's not possible to buy it in the actual store, you have to get it online?

and what is all this so, and PW mindfuckery eh? is this relaunch more than just a relaunch for clan? hmmmm?

wentzhol said...

sorry this is kinda unrelated, but will the clandestine scrubs ever come back? it never said the were super limited but they weren't on the webstore for very long. i really wanna get a pair. please answer this!

ps. epically excited for the relaunch. ive been saving my money.