Thursday, December 25, 2008


Every Christmas I try and break out Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before X-Mas" and live in its ecstasy. And I was planning on just posting its trailer right now, as it's obvious how much its aesthetics have not only affected everything I've done artistically since, including the graphics seen in Clan's February relaunch, but also what it's obviously meant to Pete. But while searching for the trailer, I saw these two upcoming clips. First up, the Burton produced "9" - which looks pretty stellar.

And secondly, "Coraline," which will be a 3-D release in February 2009, and I think I could line up right now
in anticipation.

So the plan was to stick to nostalgia with "Nightmare Before Christmas," but I've realized the future looks 
even brighter. Something to think about for all of us really.

While we're on the subject of movies, look for my Top 10 Movies List this weekend, as it will actually be my
15th year of compiling this list - and I'm stoked this year to be able to publish it here for you all. Merry
Christmas, people.


Rachel said...

the little people/creatures from 9 look like the character on the ads for that "Little Big Planet". the little sack creatures, haha. but its ok. looks intense.

join me at the imax theater for Coraline? looks amazing

dj dan suh aka koreantomcruise said...

is it blasphemous that i've never seen this movie before?

Charlotte said...

9 looks awesome, and not just because I have a massive crush on Elijah Wood. Coraline on the other hand...I'm torn. The book is possibly the only book ever to give me nightmares, but I did read it many a year ago and the movie does look cool...I guess I have a couple of months to wrestle with the decision.

Julie said...

I'm so glad you posted about 9--I saw the short in the Animation Show a while back, and while I remembered that something I'd seen had been picked for feature-length development, I had somehow inserted WALL-E into my memory instead. (There definitely was another "robot on an abandoned planet" short that I'm thinking of, but now it's been knocked out by "9". Apparently I only have so much RAM.)

I'm also ridiculously excited about Coraline--but then I'm also one of the three people who saw--and loved--MirrorMask.

x_kiwibird said...

I'm so excited for Coraline!! And 9 looks intense. Some of the voiceactors in that!! Shit! xD