Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the professors hoody with patches on the elbow.

feb 9.

get tired. the sleepiness begins.


x_kiwibird said...

Digging the different prints for stuff, too! :D

Chris said...

I really like this hoodie for some reason. I was a huge clandestine guy since day 1 but last 12-16 months have left me wanting pretty hardcore so I am probably more stoked than anyone it seems to be coming back to the stuff I loved.

Anonymous said...

you are KILLING me with all the teasers here! i like this piece. i think the elbow patches make it fun and it's not something that clan has done before with hoodies.

one. more. month. i can't wait!

so, will you be relaunching right on feb 1st, or will we have to wait a little bit?