Friday, December 19, 2008

The Definition of a Relaunch

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:  v, n
Definition:  to reintroduce a product or brand to the market after changes or improvements have been made

Pete was telling me today that a lot of people are being haters and saying stuff like, "How many times is Clandestine gonna relaunch?" or "They've done this before, it's not a big deal," and much like when Spencer Pratt is on a magazine cover, that hurts my soul. This is totally the first relaunch that Clandestine has ever went through. Sure, they've had changes in the past, but this is a major overhaul. New art direction, new design team, new brand goals, new production company, new website, even a new place where your clothing is shipped from. We've done work in the past, but now it's basically starting all over, like when Tawny Kitaen and Rodney King leave Celebrity Rehab and now are in Sober Liv...wait, am I alone is watching that? Anyway, this isn't anything Clan has done in the past - it's a facelift of mass proportions. 

And like that - the record is set straight.


orangesoda-love said...

i don't know about any haters. and anyone who says that clan. has done this before obviously doesn't know much about clan. i for one am super excited for the relaunch. and will probably be one of the first people to order something cause i got like 80 dollars saved up for the occasion...

and...FC! WOOT! :D

Tamia said...
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Tamia said...

You should have scarfs. I'd def buy a scarf!

I'm starting to feel like a stalker being one of only two people actually commenting.

I agree with Orangesoda though...FC ROCKS!!