Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interview in Bed

First off, rather than freak out, call the stores carrying the Obama shirt and I'm sure some, if not all, will do phone orders on 1-20-09. They WILL be carried at Loserkids in San Diego, and the reason for the exclusives is that until we relaunch in Feb. 09, we can't add anything new online. So this is a bit of a hold over. That's all. And once the relaunch occurs, about 90% of the products will be available to all online (with a few exclusives here and there for physical stores). So take a deep breathe and let's allow the happiness of 1-20-09 to fill our lungs, before we start hating on it.

Oh, here's a video that has me scratching my head. Steven Spielberg being interviewed by Warhol on a bed back in the 70's. With Bianca Jagger randomly watching. And there isn't a lot of "making sense" involved, which has me thinking that maybe E.T. and Close Encounters had some help in the "trip out visuals department." 

Video via Defamer.com


x_kiwibird said...

I keep thinking this is gonna be one of those videos where you're watching it, and then there's the picture of the exorcist screaming at you, just because it's that bizzare.

drcox-md said...

thanks for reminding people to not get their panties in a bunch!

Rachel said...

haha, kiwibird. i hate those videos.
that had to be one of the weirdest things ever. i never knew andy warhols voice sounded like that