Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Ice Cream Maker

Pete debuted, and recently has been wearing at shows, an upcoming design from Clandestine that we're calling "Angry Ice Cream." I stole the picture below from Pete's blog to give you another sneak peek.

Well, I wanted to give you guys a small glimpse into the world of the artist who designed this shirt, Simon 
Oxley. Oxley is a British designer/illustrator, who currently is living in Japan. His character designs have
been seen in Pictoplasma's Character Encyclopedia, which is so dope you should use your Barnes & Noble
X-Mas Gift Card on it. Here's a small glimpse of Simon's work, outside of our favorite frustrated desert that
is sure to make you smile (especially if you're on some sort of holiday vacation and hence, prone to more
happiness than usual).

You can see more of Simon's work not only once we relaunch Clan in February or when Fall Out Boy comes
to your town, but also at Simon's own website,, where has TONS of cool product for sale.


Rachel said...

did he do Cute Is What We Aim For's album cover for Rotation?

x_kiwibird said...

I've seen the hummingbird one before! Same guy? Neat!
I'm excited for Clan v 2.0 forealz.

andie.archer said...

cool, i wish i could get that...
i'm gonna have to make a trip over there!!

can't wait 4 clan 2.0....!!

see ya

Tamia said...

All of his work is really cool. I cant wait to see what else he came up with for you guy.