Monday, December 15, 2008

Geared Up

Seems like Clan isn't the only brand relaunching to start the new year. Retro sneaker company L.A. Gear is taking another stab at it in 2009, recently unveiling new designs, hoping you won't remember that at one time they had a Paula Abdul signature hi-top. To keep it fair, they also had a Joe Montana endorsement - but the fact that MC Skat Kat was sporting L.A. Gears in the "Opposites Attract: video kinda trumps all. I do give props for keeping the little brand license plate tag on the product, reminding that all hot chicks had that as a keychain in 3rd grade. What do you think of the new kicks?

Somebody get Cassadee an endorsement with these peeps.


Charlotte said...

Woah, I had a pair of LA Gear sneaks that I wore to death back in the day. I had no idea the brand was still around.

I think Cass would look swell in some brightly coloured and/or sparkly ones.

L said...

those goddamn light up white and pink hi-tops with the license plate keychain caused one of the biggest temper tantrums of my childhood (and adult) career. the shoe factory, early 90's, mississauga, ontario, i was in grade 1 or 2 maybe. they were like $100 bucks and i knew there was no way my parents would get them for me but i kicked and screamed and bit and banged my head on the floor. yes, i was and still am this passionate about tricked-out shoes.