Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sold! ...To the monkey wearing a leather jacket!

So it's seems that Julien's Auction House is pretty awesome. Partnering with Michael Jackson they'll be auctioning off much of his personal property, which you only imagine is totally insane/fresh/insanely fresh. Although it doesn't give you a list of what's being auctioned specifically, you can buy the auction catalogue for $100, or $500 if you want it hand signed and numbered by the Gloved One himself. P.S. BEST AUCTION CATALOGUE COVER EVER! Is this painting for sale? Cause my fireplace needs something large and able to creep people the f out. This sort of feels like when O.J. Simpson started signing pictures of his white Ford Bronco at autograph shows. You know dude needs the money, but you have to feel bad buying it. Also, it's alot like buying Amanda Bynes movies on DVD. Easy to laugh it, but sad to realize you actually want it. I mean, I could do these metaphors all day.

CLICK HERE for more info on the BADDEST auction ever. Who's bad?

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